Erika Mundinger
Physical Therapist

I’ve been a physical therapist in sports medicine for 10 years and a weight lifter for 6. Since discovering Gyrotonic 3 years ago my practice for both have completely changed! What I love most about Gyrotonic is the 3-dimensional movement that it builds flexibility and core control in a functional manner that transfers over so perfectly to every day movement and gym exercises. The motion opens joints and trains the body how to move each body segment with such body awareness. I’ve been able to move deeper in to my squat, fire my glutes easier with deadlifting, and stabilize my core without back injury during heavy lifts. Gyrotonic helps with faster recovery after a day in the gym. The practice is one of the most unique and effective experiences I ever had! It is definitely something that is appropriate for any age, any injury, and any physical therapy ability.




Jennifer Dotto, DC
Chiropractor & Clinical Nutrition

Susan has expertise in Gyrotonic and a great understanding about how the body should function.  I find that my patients who see her, dramatically improve strength and ability to “hold” their adjustments.  My patients remark that they enjoy the workout too!

Marilyn Habermas-Scher

Choreographer, dancer

Wendy is an attentive and detailed teacher.  She is enthusiastic and encouraging; respectful of the questions I ask. She also invites and massages the insights that come to us during class so that our learning goes ever deeper. She is also aware and articulate about the many layers of being that Gryo touches and allows to transform into more freedom, strength, flexibility and joyful energy.

 Kathleen Hansen

I’ve been very impressed with what Gyrotonic has done for me. I stand taller, straighter, with better posture.  I now carry my shoulders in their normal position, and I’m not so “hunched up.” Gyrotonic has strengthened the muscles between my shoulders and along my spine. I’ve gained flexibility and control. As the muscles have strengthened, the pain has lessened.  I’ve progressed from “I could never move like that” to “Wow, look what my body can do!" 

Mark Grauman
Retired Engineer

Susan handles me with kid gloves, starting with baby-steps as not to aggravate my back. I’m now a few months into this and I’ve regained a lot of flexibility, while improving my overall strength. She has a knack for breaking down exercises into a series of small steps, so I can understand the choreography. She is an easy, free spirited person to work with. I feel physically and psychologically stronger!

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