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GYROTONIC® Foundation Teacher Training, with Dominika Borovansky Gaines

This course is designed to give students the skills to become an instructor of the Gyrotonic system. Students take turns in the roles of "student" and "teacher" on the Gyrotonic Pulley Tower/Cobra/Elite.  Each of the twelve, 6-hour days of the course is essentially a single lesson, layering breath, rhythm and coordination as the complexity of movements increases.   Over the course of the training, students will experience and witness the potential of the GYROTONIC Expansion System® to cultivate freedom of the body by creating strength without restriction.

We will give attention to understanding the actual goal of each exercise, the appropriate support for encouraging the body to discover new pathways and, while the fundamental coursework assumes a healthy body, we will also discuss potential issues which might arise. 

Upon successful completion of this course, the student is deemed an Apprentice and begins the apprenticeship portion of their learning.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of the Gyrotonic Level 1 Pre-Training Course.

Course Fee: $1,500

Studio Fee: $400

Dominika is the Owner/ Director of Kinesphere Center. As a GYROTONIC® Master Trainer and Director of Phoenix GYROTONIC®, she conducts all courses for preparing new teachers and updating current instructors in Level I Gyrotonic methodology. Dominika is also certified Level II Gyrotonic instructor; certified Level I GYROKINESIS® instructor; certified on the Jumping-Stretching Board and Leg Extension Unit; and has completed courses in Gyrotonic Therapeutic Application for the Shoulder, Gyrotonic Application for Hip Replacements, Gyrotonic Applications for Golf and Gyrotonic Applications for Dancers. In September 2013 Dominika attained the Restorative Exercise Specialist™ – Certified Personal Trainer.  She completed her Pilates training through Long Beach Dance Conditioning and is a PMA Certified Instructor.

As a modern dancer, Dominika garnered numerous academic and artistic scholarships. A five-year stint studying and performing in New York City was followed by a yearlong tenure in Prague, Czechoslovakia where she performed professionally, began teaching ballet and modern dance, and choreographing. While she had first encountered Pilates as an undergrad, it was during graduate school that she began her first formal study of Pilates mat and reformer work. Her intuitive teaching abilities and interest in the art and science of movement also led to a graduate assistantship in Dance Kinesiology with Professor Pamela Matt and resumed study of Ideokinesis.

In the fall of 1997, a former teacher introduced Dominika to the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®. While training in Gyrotonic methodolgy, Dominika saw a marked change in the ease and efficiency of her movement, an improvement in her scoliosis and enhanced balance, strength and aerobic capacity. In 1998 she began teaching in her own private practice. As an instructor, Dominika draws on her diverse movement background, dance teaching skills and her ability to create and use imagery to assist the client in realizing their full potential.  She brings to each session patience, clarity, integrity and the joy of movement.

Dominika is the former Artistic Director of Semaphor DanceWorks, and holds a BFA ’85 and MFA ’95 in Dance Performance and Choreography from Arizona State University. It is her vision that Kinesphere Center be a place of learning and healing: a place to celebrate the wonders of the human body.