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Restorative Rejuvenation Gyrokinesis Course**, with Nancy Lepore

Course Description:Course Description:
We will learn specific Dry Scrubbing Technique that helps to "unglue" muscles, create space in the tissues and move energy through the bones. GYROKINESIS® class will be the movement method practiced to create vitality and move the body and stimulate the nervous system. Sound and Breathing Meditation to create an atmosphere and opportunity for wellness, create calmness, improved vitality and to begin the process of restoring oneself.
All 3 days are open to Beginners, Students and Teachers.

***This is a non-certifying educational workshop***

10am-1 pm
3- 5pm
Fee Options:
$450, all 3 days
$150, one day
$75, 3-hour morning portion

Due the first day of training, made payable to Nancy Lepore. Cash or check only, please.
Studio Fee: $150 for all three days, $25 for one day

Nancy holds a B.Ed., Major in Physical Education, McGill University and Director of GYROTONIC® MONTREAL. She is a Specialized Certified Level II Master Trainer in GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® and is a Master Trainer on all GYROTONIC® Specialized Equipment. She began her career in dance, classical ballet and jazz and continues to teach dance and movement. She has been instructing private individuals as well teachers in intelligent movement education for 40 years. She taught dance and movement at McGill University for many years and now teaches teachers worldwide and is the founder / director of GYROTONIC® Montreal, a teacher training studio in Montreal, Canada. Her Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis education was received throughout the past twenty years in Europe and the United States, spending one to two months per year studying under the tutelage of Juliu Horvath, (founder and creator of Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis). Worldwide, Nancy is ranked at the top of her field and is a respected elder in the gyrotonic community. Nancy has done intensive studies in Gyrotonic Medical Applications for shoulder girdle, hip, knee problems, herniated disks and scoliosis with Paul Horvath, at the Orthopedic Hospital Rheintalklinik in Germany since 2001 and continues to train and study on an ongoing basis. As a result, she has helped many injured clients with back, hip, knee and shoulder girdle problems recuperate into fully functioning, active, pain free, healthy individuals.