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Advance Gyrotonic Tower Class


Brittany Keefe will teach an advanced level tower class sprinkled with exercises from the application for dancers course. The work involves incorporating the Gyrotonic® principles with many upright dance movements. Best for dancers who know the Gyrotonic® system or advanced Gyrotonic® movers who want to feel like dancers! 

90 minutes

Cost: $50

Through her dance training, Brittany has been involved with the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® for nearly 20 years. Originally trained in GYROTONIC® methodology by master trainer Magali Messiac, Brittany earned her teaching credentials through master trainer Juergen Bamberger and Leda Franklin. All of her mentors were original students of the creator Juliu Horvath. Brittany is certified in GYROKINESIS® as well as the GYROTONIC® Level 2 work, on the Jumping Stretch Board specialized equipment, the dancer application work, and the therapeutic pelvic girdle and fascial body courses. Brittany focuses on natural energetic connections and having fun through exercise. More at