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*NEW* Gyrokinesis Class, with Victoria Howe

This class is for all experience and fitness levels!

The GYROKINESIS® Methodology is breaking the boundaries of typical muscular-focused fitness. By stimulating one’s basic senses and central nervous system, one is taught how to monitor and manage all of the fundamental systems of the body.

When: Wednesdays @ noon

Cost: $20 a class

Packages available!

Victoria's love affair with the GYROTONIC® method began in 2007, when she sought restorative, rehabilitative relief from the tension and pain created by her day job as a hair stylist. Her passion grew from there, as she deepened her knowledge of the work. "I loved how my body was getting stronger and more flexible, while having so much fun doing it." She shares that joy with her clients and especially loves the group atmosphere of GYROKINESIS®, where her playfulness make classes fun and accessible to all levels.

  • Gyrotonic

  • Gyrokinesis

  • Lotus Blossom + Nerve Strengthening Sequence

  • Pelvic Girdle

  • Jumping Stretch Board