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NoveMBER 2016

Come Play on the Archway

From left to right: Wendy J. Anderson, Juergen Bamberger, Victoria Howe, Paige Powers, Marci Spahi, Susan Gaines, Brianne Bland and Linda Stoddart

From left to right: Wendy J. Anderson, Juergen Bamberger, Victoria Howe, Paige Powers, Marci Spahi, Susan Gaines, Brianne Bland and Linda Stoddart

The Archway had been on display in the corner of Embody for months, both inviting and daunting. Clients would say things like, "You're not going to put me on that thing, are you?" Or, "When do I get to do that?" 

Of all the specialized GYROTONIC® equipment, this tall, elegant arched ladder demands the most muscular strength for most of it's exercises. So when Master Trainer Juergen Bamberger arrived from New York to teach the six-day, 30-hour training, all seven of us – five from Embody -- participating in the course admitted that we shared the same intimidation and excitement. 

We warmed up our increasingly sore bodies with Gyrokinesis each morning. Then we moved into the next set of exercises that involved hanging from hands or legs. We went upside down and rightside up. We hung from the bars, swinging back and forth, arching and curling against our own body weight. Tractioning the spine and strengthening muscles we didn't know we had. 

We grew stronger day by day, cheering each other on. On the last day I climbed the Archway one more time, exhausted, from what is now my favorite exercise, part of the Levitation Series (Who doesn't want to levitate, after all?). I was exhausted, but this was the summit. My legs were secure in the bolster, as I drew myself up against gravity, climbing hand over hand into an every deepening arch. I felt my heart open. Each vertebrae articulating. The fascia stretching in long, uninterrupted lines, from my heels to my fingertips. 

Come play on the Archway!


August 7-10, 2015

Master Trainer Tracy Monaco Reid

We were honored to have Tracy in our space for a great GYROTONER Training this summer. By the end of the year all of our Embody teachers will be trained on this great piece of equipment, well-suited for many limitations, including hip replacements and pregnancy.

Tracy holds a BFA in Dance from Western Michigan University.  When in college, Tracy was introduced to the pilates reformer and immediately saw it’s benefits not only for dancers but the general public.  Tracy moved to NYC and spent several years as a professional dancer and worked for PilateStyle Magazine.

When Tracy was introduced to the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM, she enthusiastically embraced its capabilities. She is a licensed Gyrotonic Master Trainer in Level 1, Level 2, Gyrotoner, and the Jumping-Stretching Board.  She is a Gyrokinesis PreTrainer.  She is also certified on all equipment and also trained in therapeutic applications.  She has worked alongside a Physical Therapist for several years and has worked as a physical therapy aide in Washington DC using the Gyrotonic and Pilates Methods.  She has worked with elite athletes, rehabilitation, and everyone between the ages of 11 to 94!

Brianne Bland teaching in our light-filled space.

Brianne Bland teaching in our light-filled space.

Tracy Monaco teaching the GYROTONER Course.

Tracy Monaco teaching the GYROTONER Course.


March 2015

Master Trainer Events 

Embody is alive with training events, attracting teachers, master trainers and students. We are fast becoming a hub for Gyrotonic and Gyokinesis exercise for the Twin Cities and beyond. Our studio, flooded with natural light, high ceilings and gorgeous equipment makes our space both nurturing and energizing. Our supportive and challenging atmosphere brings out the best in us all.