GYROTONIC® captured Megan’s interest in 2012 and she is excited to share the freedom, ease and joy of the movement with others. With a background in gymnastics, dance, and yoga, being active has always been part of her life. In 2011, she became a Registered Yoga Instructor and in summer 2017 completed her 12-day GYROTONIC® Foundation Training Course.  Megan earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of St. Thomas and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from St. Catherine University. During the work week, she leads a team of digital marketers at HealthPartners, a non-profit health care organization in the Twin Cities. Megan spends her free time traveling the world, experimenting with paleo recipes, and diving into the holistic health world. She is currently working at Embody as an apprentice trainer and loves introducing people to the studio.