praise for the method

“I’ve been a physical therapist in sports medicine for 10 years and a weight lifter for 6. Since discovering Gyrotonic 3 years ago my practice for both have completely changed! What I love most about Gyrotonic is the 3-dimensional movement that it builds flexibility and core control in a functional manner that transfers over so perfectly to every day movement and gym exercises. The motion opens joints and trains the body how to move each body segment with such body awareness. I’ve been able to move deeper in to my squat, fire my glutes easier with deadlifting, and stabilize my core without back injury during heavy lifts. Gyrotonic helps with faster recovery after a day in the gym. The practice is one of the most unique and effective experiences I ever had!”

- Erika Mundinger, Physical Therapist


“Bree is genuinely a kind, caring person-authentic. She is a joy to work with. A competent and adaptable teacher, she makes my hour with her not only productive, but also a lot of fun!” - Alta Engstrom, Client




“Kerry literally changed my life. She gave me hope and a sense of control over my diagnosis of an incurable progressive disability. I have grown stronger and more confident since I began sessions with her nine months ago. In a recent session, Kerry spontaneously said, "I love what I do." It was clear to me in that moment that she posesses gifts of wisdom, intuition, and encouragement. God has blessed me with the opportunity to benefit from her gifts. I am so grateful.”

- Karin V., Client


“I have worked with Wendy for many years and she is a gifted trainer and mentor. She inspires, encourages and empowers me to experience, understand and appreciate what my body can do. She is an empathic and intelligent communicator and she offers a creative approach to every gyro session. She continues to thoughtfully challenge me during my gyro sessions. Our relationship is a gift and I greatly benefit from her knowledge, experience and kindness.”- Joanne Hideraker, client


“Funny. Open. Upbeat. Sharing. Spending an hour with Victoria is always therapeutic in a sense of well being in body and mind. Victoria exudes good person and never lets an incorrect gyro movement go unnoticed.” - Mike Murray, Client


“Susan handles me with kid gloves, starting with baby-steps as not to aggravate my back. I’m now a few months into this and I’ve regained a lot of flexibility, while improving my overall strength. She has a knack for breaking down exercises into a series of small steps, so I can understand the choreography. She is an easy, free spirited person to work with. I feel physically and psychologically stronger!”

Mark Grauman, client


“Megan is so passionate about Gyrotonic that it really comes through in her teaching. Her enthusiasm makes me want to practice more! She is very attentive and accommodating to my needs as a student. I feel fortunate to have had her introduce Gyrotonic to me.”- Laura Seabloom, client


“Ebony was awesome and explaining all the movements in easy to understand ways and provided us with quite the workout! I am heading back again for sure!”- Jeff Wildes, client

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