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One-time Gyrokinesis® Level 2 Beginner Class

This 90 minute class will offer familiar choreography and offer nuanced approaches of how to get into and get more out of your positions and practice.  The class will introduce the idea of spirals that flow through and across bodily systems, allowing for deep integration between mind and body. 

SHANNON STEWART has trained across movement modalities ranging from ballet to breakdancing to somatics throughout her professional career as a dancer and choreographer.  The Gyrotonic Expansion System® has been key to keeping her in shape and performance-ready for over a decade.  Shannon is certified in three formats of Gyrokinesis® and has taught in Gyrotonic, dance, and yoga studios throughout the United States.  Along with studying teaching methods of various dance techniques, Shannon is certified as a teaching artist with the Dance for Parkinson’s (D4PD) program.  She has years of experience working with a range of movers from professional dancers to people living with neurodegenerative illness. 

For teachers and students experienced with Gyrokinesis and the Gyrotonic Expansion System.

Cost: $30