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GYROTONIC® Wingmaster Course, with Mike Luque

A specialized course on the Gyrotonic Pulley Tower Unit utilizing the Wingmaster.

This course increases the vocabulary of exercises that are possible using the Wingmaster and the Pulley Tower. Trainers will learn new ways to blend the spinal ranges of motion they’re already using with primal movement to create total body exercises that can be applied to any level client, from seniors with strength and/or mobility limitations to athletes seeking to increase total body conditioning and coordination.

All the favorite and familiar Gyrotonic movements are utilized: arch, curl, side bends and spirals. Standing, squatting and lunging positions are added. New ways to attach the Wingmaster to the tower open up greater possibilities for movement.

This course fulfills the Gyrotonic Trainer CEC (update) requirement allowing one to renew a Gyrotonic license. If a student is both a Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Trainer, he/she is eligible to renew both trademark licenses after taking this course.

Course fee: $350

Studio fee: $250

Mike began his GYROTONIC® journey as a client in 1998 and almost immediately decided to become a trainer. Working with Debra Rose and Nora Heiber, he became a certified instructor and certified on all the specialized equipment. He's also a certified GYROKINESIS® instructor. He's had the great pleasure of taking courses with eight different Master Trainers.

Mike first started developing the Wingmaster workshop when he was living in Atlanta. It began with the simple question "Hey, why are there eye hooks on the back of the Wingmaster?" So he began to explore. With his background as an NASM personal trainer, he took movement principles from traditional strength training and applied the GYROTONIC® touch to them to develop the Wingmaster workshop.