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Gyrotonic Psoas Principals, with Juergen Bamberger

This course provides a movement practice that cultivates increased awareness of the iliopsoas complex from the point of view of the Gyrotonic Method. The course includes layered anatomical information that is linked to progressive movement explorations that release, and awaken the psoas muscle. The content of the course gives students a deeper understanding of Gyrotonic principles like "Supple-ing", and "Narrowing of the Pelvis". These preparations will be integrated into a Psoas specific, 90 minute Gyrotonic workout. The enhanced approach of the Psoas Principles course supports a deeply nourishing, efficient movement experience, and is especially beneficial for the healing of injuries, and trauma in the pelvic, and lumbar regions.
Course Fee: $350 made payable to Juergen Bamberger on the first day of course
Studio Fee: $275 made payable to Embody Minneapolis, by April 6, 2018. Refundable if the course is cancelled OR we can find another person to take your place.
Juergen Bamberger, Specialized GYROTONIC® Master Trainer, B.A. Dance Education is an internationally recognized movement educator. He certifies GYROTONIC® instructors and teaches the entire curriculum of the GYROTONIC® methodology across the US and worldwide. More than 30 years of teaching experience and training in numerous modalities of bodywork and movement arts combined with a dance and performance background give him a unique perspective on the moving human body. Juergen was one of the first GYROTONIC® Master Trainers appointed by Juliu Horvath more than 20 years ago at Juliu’s White Cloud Studios in NYC where he taught till its closing in 1999.

In the early 90’s Juergen introduced the Gyrotonic® methodology to the field of Physical Therapy at licensed Physical Therapist Frania Zins’ practice in New York City. During the same time he worked at the Gyrotonic department of the Alpha Clinic in Munich/ Germany, with patients in pre and post spinal surgery.