Brianne has been teaching GYROTONIC® since retiring as a professional ballet dancer from the Washington Ballet in 2008. She found the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® while still dancing and immediately began to feel the healing and transformative effects that it had on her body. Having dealt with injuries and repetitive movement patterns, she found that Gyrotonic movement brought new balance to her body and led to more expansive movement both on stage and off. A believer that a healthy body contributes hugely to a healthy mind, she loves sharing this movement system with her clients to help them feel the freedom, grace and confidence that we all possess. As a teacher she enjoys the diversity of clients which Gyrotonic attracts, and the challenges and discoveries that come with each new body. She received her foundation training at San Francisco Gyrotonic and worked at Elements Fitness & Wellness Center in Washington, DC and the Pilates Room in McLean, VA before moving to the Twin Cities in 2013.

  • Jumping Stretching Board

  • Gyrotonic Levels I, II