INSTRUCTOR, Embody visionary and founder

When Susan first encountered the GYROTONIC® method as a health and fitness writer, she knew she’d found something deeply transformative and healing. She was a third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and while the martial art was empowering, it was also hard on her body, creating imbalances and tension. Gyrotonic exercise restored balance, reduced pain and made movement fun again. “The Gyrotonic method is one of the most intelligent, intuitive movement systems I’ve encountered,” she says.

When she is not teaching or practicing Gyrotonic exercise, she is at Wild Hart Coaching, helping people transform their lives through Co-Active® coaching. She also loves lifting weights at The Movement Minneapolis. She loves spending time with her friends, her children and grandchildren. “The Gyrotonic method has taught me that life is about balance,” she says. “I want to share that with each and every one of my clients. Each of us is capable of profound grace and deep connection to our own bodies.”

  • Gyrotonic Levels I, II

  • Scoliosis

  • Psoas Course

  • Jumping Stretching Board

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  • Golf

  • 3rd degree black belt, tae kwon do