Embody Love

The long, fierce Minnesota winter is officially upon us. A new political administration  is moving in as well. I have always tried to keep politics separate, abiding by the "Minnesota nice" rule that religion and politics are best left undiscussed. But this election, more than any in my lifetime, is personal; a threat to common decency, kindness and inclusiveness; a threat to the hard-won progress this country has made toward eliminating racism, homophobia and sexism. While I did not choose this president, nor did I choose -40 degrees outside my door this morning, I can choose how I move through the world.

As I hunker down for a long winter metaphorically and physically, when many things feel beyond my control, I ask myself: What values and spirit do I want to embody? 


The answer is so simple that it's easy to dismiss it as facile or naive. But to love with every fiber not for sissies. Love is not for the weak. To love in the face hatred and fear is a daily act of defiance, faith and hope. And for many of us, it may mean taking to the streets, standing up for ourselves, our friends and our beliefs. "But I can't do it alone," a client recently said to me. "We're going to have to take turns."

We are coming together here at Embody Minneapolis, too. We're becoming a place to gather, learn, teach, practice, support and grow. Our beautiful space has drawn teachers from New York, Phoenix and D.C. Dominika Gaines came from Phoenix, gracing us with her gentle and wise observations of budding teachers, who first completed the 12-day Foundation course and then came back to complete their Apprenticeship Review. We also hosted a Level 2, program 1 pre-training with Juergen Bamberger, who brought his humor and incisive observations from New York and the world. He returned last month for the 4-day Level 2 course. It was demanding and so much fun, held together by mutual respect, support and love.

Meanwhile, Wendy Anderson, certified Pre-Trainer and Teacher Development at Embody, and I have been brainstorming what makes a good GYROTONIC trainer. We've been asking ourselves, What makes for an excellent session? What makes a student walk out feeling better than he did when he walked in? What makes Embody the special place that it is? It's harder to quantify these answers than you'd think. But it is the intention of each trainer, who brings a respectful observance and acceptance to each moment with each client. Each of us, Wendy, Victoria Howe, Brianne Bland, Paige Powers, Ebony Davis and myself, bring skillful teaching and yes, love, to each session. 


What is it that you want to embody?

Let us help you find it and achieve it. We are grateful you chose us to guide and witness your path to embodiment. Welcome to our sanctuary; a place to breath and movement; a place to feel good in the body you have right now; a place to discover and express your best self. 

Happy Holidays. Happy New Year. We love you. Pass it on.