Embody Golf

I started golf lessons this past summer. And after just a few lessons with a pro, I was hooked. It is a sport, an art, a mind-game and an addiction. I'd already been working with golfers, like this golf and fitness trainer, Paul Pribyl (in the video below), so I knew the GYROTONIC® method is perfectly suited to the game of golf. The pros know instantly that this movement system is one of the best ways to improve your game. But for me, the proof was that at the age of 54, I was able to swing a club for the first time with a surprising level of accuracy and power. I credit the the Gyrotonic method for that. It prevents and heals injury, teaches efficient movement applicable to any sport, brings greater range of motion, as it improves balance and coordination. It enables you to find deep rotation in the spine, stability in the shoulders, while greatly reducing the chances of injury. With golf season just around the corner, this is a perfect time to get ready with some Gyrotonic sessions at Embody!