Embody Ebony

Ebony J. Davis has stood behind a chair for 10 hours a day for nearly 18 years, styling hair. She is an artist at heart; doing hair and makeup are creative expressions for her. But as important as the creative aspects of her profession are the opportunities her profession affords her to connect with each person who spends and hour or two in her chair. I know, because I've spent many an hour in Ebony's chair. Her non-judgmental, observant and compassionate way of listening have earned her the love of her clients, as much as her attention to detail when cutting short hair like mine. But it's taken a toll on her body.

When she started Gyrotonic nearly three years ago, she immediately noticed her pain lifting, and soon after, she felt her posture improve. "Having been a dancer off and on since I was young, I’ve always really enjoyed movement. The movement and flow of Gyrotonic is reminiscent of dance. It’s gentle, meditative and simultaniously strengthening and energizing." 

A recent car accident sent her into the throes of pain, leaving her unable to work full-time. The frustration and and pain that came with an injury had left Ebony physically and emotionally fragile. Ebony came back to Gyrotonic more determined to heal herself, but also scared. Each session was a gentle experiment, much of it lying on the floor and sometimes crying. Pain can be a guide in so many ways. Soon the world of Gyrotonic that Ebony had first fallen in love with, became her lifeline.

It turned out that her disability opened the door to Gyrotonic opportunities, both personal and professional. Embody was growing and I needed help: an assistant and more teachers. "I have always really enjoyed helping people and sharing information and I’m always telling my friends and clients about gyrotonic, so it just makes sense for me to teach gyrotonic. Teaching will be a great way for me to deepen my practice as well as diversify my income."

As Ebony begins her Gyrotonic pre-taining next month, she is coming home in so many ways. "My Grandmother was an educator and my mother is a writer and also an educator. It seems like I was born to follow in the footsteps of my elders and be an educator too. I feel my healing has been improving much better and faster." 

As an artist, listener and observer, Ebony will make a great teacher. Her own journey through pain and professional transformation will be an inspiration to her Gyrotonic clients. Embody will be blessed to have her.