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6-Week Gyrokinesis Class, with Wendy Anderson

Special 6-week, 75-minute Gyrokinesis class with Wendy Anderson
November 12-December 17, 2017
10-11:15 am, 75 minutes
Cost: $130
$25 for drop ins
**no make-ups or refunds**

The GYROKINESIS® Methodology is breaking the boundaries of typical muscular-focused fitness. By stimulating one’s basic senses and central nervous system, one is taught how to monitor and manage all of the fundamental systems of the body. Classes can be catered to fitness enthusiasts while safely working with typical physical ailments and injuries, including back pain.
Wendy is a certified Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis trainer and teacher trainer, Wendy has been active in the fitness/movement profession for over 25 years. With an extensive background in dance, pilates and personal training, she found her home in the Gyrotonic system. The elements of breath, rhythm and movement were exactly what she'd been seeking. Her compassionate warmth, coupled with patient attention to detail makes her an excellent trainer for all ages and fitness levels.
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