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NEW Gyrokinesis Classes, with Kerry Parker

Join us for this invigorating Sunday morning practice. Not too early, not too late. Just right for your morning wake up.

This class is for all experience and fitness levels!

The GYROKINESIS® Methodology is breaking the boundaries of typical muscular-focused fitness. By stimulating one’s basic senses and central nervous system, one is taught how to monitor and manage all of the fundamental systems of the body.

When: Thursdays, 6-7 pm and Sundays, 10:30—noon

Cost: $20 a class

Kerry first encountered the Gyrotonic system in 1988 as a young dancer in Seattle. After a career in the ballet world, dancing for Pacific Northwest Ballet and The Vienna State Opera Ballet, she moved to New York to investigate other forms of dance/movement which is when she re-encountered the Gyrotonic system. She found the organic nature of the movement to be profoundly rehabilitative as well as strengthening and satisfying on multiple levels-physically, emotionally and energetically. Kerry has been certified since 1999. Since teaching at Embody, she particularly enjoys the variety of learners, including those who have never danced. She also teaches all levels of ballet to all ages of people and dances with Deborah Jinza Thayer/Movement Architecture. She is a certified Gyrotonic instructor, with specialized training in Leg Extension Unit and Gyrotoner. She is also a Gyrokinesis apprentice.